Sunday, June 19, 2011

Saturday In Bamenda

Yesterday Melissa and I along with our friends Lesslie and Theresia went to Bamenda, a bigger city nearby Mbingo.  Lesslie is my good friend that works in the Social Services Department and Theresia also works in that department with him.  On Saturdays, some of the hospital employees work until around noon, then have the rest of the day off.  We have heard stories about taking a taxi in Cameroon, but nothing could prepare us for our trip to Bamenda, which is about a 45 minute ride.  Melissa and I were told to get up front, so we at least knew that we would be sharing the front passenger seat.  My friend Lesslie got in the driver's seat, so I thought maybe he had rented the car or something.  When I asked him if he was driving, he said "No, I am passenger." So after everyone was finally in the taxi cab, we had 4 up front (2 in the passenger seat and 2 in the driver's seat), 5 in the back seat, and one riding in the hatchback of the little Toyota we were in.  The guy riding in the hatchback part of the car had to hold the door while we rode swiftly down the road to Bamenda.  I wish we could have gotten a picture, but we just couldn't move after we were situated.  It was an experience we'll never forget.  After we arrived in Bamenda, we went to the market to buy some fabric for someone to make Melissa and I some traditional African clothing by hand.  We shopped for alittle while in the market and a craft store, then went to eat at a place called "Dreamland Restaurant".  They served hambugers and french fries here, so we were pretty excited about that.  After our meal out on the balcony overlooking Bamenda's shopping district, we said goodbye to Theresia, and got in another taxi to visit some relatives and friends of Lesslie.  We stayed in Bamenda until dark, then caught another taxi back to Mbingo.  I told Lesslie to tell the driver that we would pay him if he didn't let anyone else in the taxi with us! Haha

Shopping District of Bamenda

 Theresia, Jeff, and Lesslie

Melissa, Lesslie, and Theresia

 Dreamland Restaurant

 Lesslie & Jeff

 Melissa & Theresia

 Lesslie's family in Bamenda

 3 week old baby girl and Melissa

Uncle Lesslie

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