Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rainy Season

Maybe you are wondering about the weather here at Mbingo?  We are here during the rainy season.  Cameroon has 2 seasons, rainy season (April - October) and dry season (November - March).  When we were planning our trip here, I was expecting us to be in some really hot and humid climates.  Little did I know that the weather here right now is actually cooler than in East Tennessee.  The only place here at the hospital that I have seen air conditioning is in the operating room during surgery.  Where we are staying, we keep the windows open at night while we sleep, and some nights it even gets a little chilly.  I never expected that in Africa!  Today as I write, it is a consistent rainy day.  We have not had a day like this until now.  We have had rain throughout our stay, but it comes and goes quickly, but today it hasn't stopped raining much at all. I returned to New Hope Village this morning to give a devotion and sing for the people.  We also said farewell in chapel this morning to the Ipsen family (orthropedic surgeon and family from the states).  I couldn't help but think during chapel that this time next week it will be Melissa and me saying our goodbyes.  It kind of makes me sad to think about it, but that is a part of life that the ministry brings to the table.  Someone said to me today in reference to our departure next week, "I wish next Wednesday will not come." So, we know the love is definately mutual! My prayer before we came was that God would allow our hearts to be "peeled back" for these people, and I think that He has allowed that to happen.  Everyday I go to the surgical ward to pray for the little baby that had the shunt placement.  Today I noticed a sign on the nurses station door.  It read "If you have a vision for a year, plant wheat. If you have a vision for ten years, plant trees.  If you have a vision for a lifetime, plant people."  This quote has a lot of truth in it.  What are you investing in today? Think about it.  Thank you for your prayers! We love you all!

 Chaplaincy Department

 Medical Student that Melissa is teaching (left) & Hilda, a Nurse Practitioner student (right)

 At New Hope Village

The Ipsens, Stephanie (nutritionist), Lauren (nutritionist)
The group of people we eat meals with here...

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